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ICSOBA Conference 2019

Two members of our sales team represent us at the annual ICSOBA conference in Krasnoyarsk. It is a non-profit industry meeting to promote the exchange of ideas and know-how from various research areas related to bauxite research and mining as well as alumina and aluminium production.

Bordesholm See & Run

The running team of the Markert Group was also there this time. There were runners for all distances (17,2km, 10,0km and 4,8km). A great course.

Sales Event at Seehotel Töpferhaus

The sales teams of Alfons Markert + Co. GmbH and Otto Markert & Sohn GmbH competed against each other on September 5, 2019 as "Team Hoses" vs. "Team Filter"

An event, which had it in itself, above all a huge portion of fun mixed with fully developed team spirit. In the evening, the winning team was awarded the Markert Challenge Cup at a barbecue after a day of volleyball, tug-of-war, football, SUP and much more. "Team Filter" proudly presented the trophy after a brilliant final.

Markert Group takes part in charity company run

The Markert Group participated in this year's Kowsky Company Run. The entry fees will be donated to 100% associations that are dependent on charitable donations.

Company celebration: 90 years of Markert

We celebrated our anniversary with a big summer party on our company premises.
Numerous large and small visitors took the opportunity to learn more about us and our products during a company tour.
A wonderful day that we will remember for a long time!

90 years of Markert – “The Painted”

The North of Germany has been the home of the Markert Group for 90 years.

On the occasion of our anniversary, the artist Nina Catharina Nollen presented her current collection “The Painted” (“Die Getuschten”). On a commission for us, she painted 90 views of the North – all of which were created under the skies of Schleswig-Holstein.

Markert donates computer desks to primary school

The Markert group donates a total of eleven good-as-new computer desks to the Bönebüttel primary school – great news for pupils and teachers alike! The daily newspaper Holsteinischer Courier reports in its May 23 2019 issue.

Read the article here.

90 Years of the Markert Group: Report by Holsteinischer Courier

In an interview with the daily newspaper Holsteinischer Courier (issue: May 21, 2019), Managing Partner Philipp Markert sheds lights on the history and present challenges of the Markert Group. He also highlights the various uses marsoflex® and marsyntex® products and and looks back on his work at the company's executive level.

Read the article here

Vacuum disc filters

The challenge with vacuum disc filters is that the steel sectors corrode significantly due to the suspension of magnesium chloride after one year of service. This means that they have to be replaced frequently.

The solution: 
Sectors made of polypropylene (thermoplastic resin) were suggested for optimisation since they are corrosion-resistant. The project started with the casting of a blank to check the accuracy of fit in the system. Then production started.For two years now, the segments have been working without any problems with a scheduled service life of four to five years.

Another advantage of the plastic is weight reduction since the density of polypropylene is <1. This has made our customers’ work much easier and has led to valuable progress regarding occupational safety. Thanks to the lower weight, it was also possible to further reduce the wear and energy consumption of the system.

Special feature:
Accurately designed filter bags with lateral zip fastener which fit the plastic sectors were created. The advantage of this is that the sectors no longer have to be removed to change the filter bags.

Innovative cooling hose

A special cooling hose needed to be developed in order to protect rubberised metal hoses with internal wiring harnesses and sensors against exterior radiant heat.

Special feature:
The hose can be retrofitted and manufactured in any length desired.

The cooling hose was designed for use in a hot ambient atmosphere (e.g. desert regions, underground mining, mechanical and plant engineering).n.


Special project:
In addition, wall supports for holding hoses in the pharmaceuticals industry and stainless steel transport trolleys for pharmaceuticals hoses were developed. 

Long service life thanks to PTFE connection

In order to handle aggressive media easily and flexibly, you need lightweight, durable hose lines with the lowest possible bending radius. A solid inliner is ideal for keeping interior soiling to a minimum.

The solution:
The marsoflex® PTFE hose line with diagonally corrugated inliner has a PTFE tube which passes through the fitting and is folded back onto the coupling surface. For one customer, 90% of defective PTFE lines were traced back to damage to the flange. Our fixed PTFE connection can drastically reduce this source of error without needing to forego the benefits of the flexible folded back PTFE line as a result. The significantly increased lifespan of the marsoflex® PTFE lines with PTFE connection ensures an immense cost saving.


Markert Italia Srl

We are pleased to inform you that together with the Campagna family we will establish the Markert Italia Srl, with registered office in Milan, on 1 November 2016. All the industrial activities of Perfabrics and FPN will be contributed to the new Company.
The Campagna family is an excellent partner that has considerable experience in the field of filtration. We welcome the entire team around Perfabrics and FPN, and look forward to good cooperation.

Minerals & Mining: Specific examples of mining applications


Task: Damaged barrel-neck after short period of use + insufficient dewatering  properties of cloth.

Markert solution: Polyamide cloth type marsyntex® NKD 2394 combined with a backing/support cloth type marsyntex® PP 2486 gave improved filtration result. EPDM rubber neck eliminated problem in the feeding zone area.

Copper Ore Concentrate

Task: Cake blowing step in the process which can cause serious cloth damage.

Markert solution: impermeable wear protection considerably extends life time of cloth.

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