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Air diffusion ducts

Thanks to the expertise and technology we have gained in different sectors, we can offer a wide and varied range of textile ducts that guarantee the highest level of performance. 

Markert Italia is able to manufacture and deliver FPN air diffusion ducts with different technical features:

  • circular and semicircular ducts with macro porous, microporous and mix diffusion systems
  • high-quality fabrics, ultra-light, rip-stop types with calibrated coatings, mechanical strength, durability, possibility of multiple washing, 01-class fire resistance
  • option to graduate air emission intensity
  • different sizes of up to more than 2 metres

Thanks to our specifications and accessories, we are able to satisfy the needs and wishes of our customers, including tapered channels and multiple-method distribution to suit every need of air circulation.

Our FPN air diffusion ducts are enhanced with two parallel knotted-type stitching to ensure perfect sealing, high stability and resistance and are available in white, blue, green, red, yellow and, upon request, any other need.

Additional specifications are flow rectifiers with zippers to correct deviations and air turbulence in regard to couplings, constrictions and curves.

Markert Italia produces FPN air diffusion ducts with zippers to facilitate assembly and dismantling during maintenance and cleaning operations.

We are able to produce and deliver a wide range of hooks such as:

  • quick connect clips and stainless steel ropes for circular section ducts
  • stainless steel or anaphoresis painted aluminium or polyamide guides
  • ceiling positioned for semicircular section ducts 
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